Elias Toufexis

Kevan Schwartz Management

Elias ToufexisWith credits in video games, animated television, live action series and motion pictures, there are times where it feels like Elias Toufexis is everywhere at once. Thanks to his range and the diversity of roles he’s offered, Elias is quickly becoming one of the busiest actors in show business.

He’s appeared in dozens of television shows, ranging from Star Trek Discovery and Lost Girl to the Syfy cult favorite Alphas. Guest-starring roles on Stargate Atlantis, Smallville, Bitten, and Houdini & Doyle have created an equally diverse and engaged fan base, while he’s particularly well-known for his turns on Supernatural and The Expanse. A master performance-capture actor, his work has appeared in video games such as the Deus Ex series, Assassin’s Creed, and Splinter Cell. As a voice actor, his trademark raspy growl has earned him critical acclaim and throngs of fans around the world.