Kevan Schwartz Management

Choosing the right representation requires knowing the types of services you require, finding an agency who can provide those services, and choosing the right agent. Kevan and his team have more than 15 years of professional management, booking and convention experience including extensive international booking in Africa, Australia, Europe, South America, and Asia. Our clients are fan favorites from Chile to Moscow! Here is a brief rundown of our areas of expertise.

Booking Agents

KSM represents celebrities from all genres for convention bookings, personal appearances and speaking or performance engagements. From managing initial requests to ensuring you’re adequately staffed during the event, Kevan and his team of convention professionals oversees every detail of your convention experience, ensures you have a fun and successful convention experience, and that your needs are met at each step of the process. KSM enjoys relationships with all major conventions and routinely books clients in major conventions across the globe.

Recent client appearances include:
Moscow – London – Perth – Brisbane – Sydney – Berlin – New York – San Diego – Salt Lake City – Atlanta – San Francisco – Seattle – Portland – Miami – Houston – Chicago – and all points in between!

We’ve also toured our clients to:
South Africa – Australia – New Zealand – Chile – Russia – Germany – Japan – France – and many, many more.


Personal Management

No one understands the demands of managing a public life better than Kevan Schwartz Management. Our team works well within existing management organizations to coordinate your hectic career, and KSM also has the contacts and relationships necessary to help you build the team you need to succeed. Through a coordinated personal manager relationship, KSM helps shepherd your career and streamline the amount of time you spend focused on business, freeing you up to pursue career opportunities or spend valuable time with loved ones.


Convention Consulting

We’ve spent a lot of time at conventions, and over the years, that means we’ve learned a thing or three about how the best shows operate. If you’re planning a convention, KSM is a great source for guidance, information and even convention management and staffing. We enjoy relationships throughout the convention world with volunteers, seasoned convention staff — even vendors — and putting that experience to work for you can pay dividends.


To find out what Kevan Schwartz Management can do for you, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.