Lindsey McKeon

Kevan Schwartz Management

Lindsey McKeon began her careerĀ at the age of 12 when her mother’s agent suggested she take an acting class. She discovered she had an aptitude for acting, proclaiming “I’ve never felt so free and uninhibited in my life!” McKeon was hooked. Shortly thereafter, her career took off with an impressive range of roles on both television and in feature films.

At 13 she booked a series regular role as Katie Peterson on Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Through the years Lindsey has been seen on many of TV’s most popular shows including NCIS, Code Black, House M.D., It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Veronica Mars, and CSI:Miami, among others. McKeon is best known for her roles as Tessa The Reaper on Supernatural, Taylor James on One Tree Hill and Marah Lewis on Guiding Light, where she became a two-time Daytime Emmy nominated actress. In 2016 McKeon appeared in the CBS Television Pilot Training Day starring Bill Paxton, the Christmas movie Merry Exes, and the TV Pilot Confessions of a Hollywood Bartender, where she played a super edgy, punk bartender.

When McKeon is not busy filming she can be found writing for her healthy living blog, where she stresses the importance of quieting the mind and living from our purest intention, and producing various charitable eventsĀ for women’s and children’s non-profit organizations.