Madame Vega Project

Kevan Schwartz Management

Madame Vega ProjectFrom Reggae to Alt-Rock, there’s nothing beyond the reach of The Madame Vega Project, the band founded by Gabriel Michael and Chezzarai Savonn. Madame Vega, as the group is known to fans, grew organically out of the burgeoning Atlanta music scene, opening for national touring acts, playing parties, and thrilling crowds in clubs, private parties, and auditoriums. With the addition of guitarist Alex Edrington, Madame Vega evolved into the beach-vibed Reggae and Rock mix they’ve become known for.

High energy, a powerful sound, and the show-stopping vocals of Chezzarai Savonn bring to the stage a tour-de-force of music that will keep audiences cheering for more, long into the night. Consisting of Chezzarai Savonn (vocals), Gabriel Michael (vocals, drums), Alex Edrington (guitar), Will Barron (rhythm guitar, vocals), and Tony Hossri (bass), The Madame Vega Project is available for tours, single-night bookings, and other engagements. Their first single, “California Way,” is due out just in time for summer.

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