KSM Launches New Web Presence

Kevan Schwartz Management

KSM Launches New Web Presence

(LOS ANGELES) Kevan Schwartz Management has launched a new, feature-rich web site, which positions the booking and management agency for continued growth in the celebrity booking industry. The new KSM site, www.kevanschwartz.com, provides convention organizers and fans alike with a one-stop resource for up-to-date information on KSM’s diverse client roster.

“The convention industry is becoming more competitive, and there is more information out there now than ever before,” says KSM owner Kevan Schwartz. “But all hat information comes with a bunch of noise. We want fans to be able to find the information they need about their favorite celebrities’ appearances, and we want promoters to find out what they need in order to plan and execute the best event possible.”

To help facilitate fan engagement, the new KSM site features complete client social media accounts, a news and announcements blog, and updated biographies on each client. From the organizer’s side of the industry, KSM has created a first-point-of-contact to help organizers identify potential guests, gauge interest, and to help announce their events. KSM also provides in-house publicity services for clients’ appearances to help promote events and their participation.

“For years, local media and smaller outlets have tried to spend time with celebrities, and we’ve always tried to help when we could,” Kevan says. “But with social media, blogs, and podcasting, the number just exploded. It became really hard to figure out when the opportunity  was a good one or something we should pass on. So we decided to add an in-house publicist to coordinate those requests and also to pitch local media outlets interviews ahead of some of the shows. This helps our clients and promoters become more successful, and it encourages fans to remain engaged with their favorite celebrities.”

Media outlets interested in interviewing any of KSM’s client roster can submit a simple, online form to begin the process. KSM’s in-house publicist will help fulfill as many of the requests as possible.

For more information about KSM and their client roster, visit www.kevanschwartz.com.